Disdain XXXIII

Disdain XXXIII is a collector’s edition of the Disdain generative token published on fx(hash).

It was manually tweaked to balance composition, textures and palette colours.
Published as a colour-separated SVG file, so it should be easily plottable.

A special gift for collectors

Disdain XXXIII was gifted to all holders of a Disdain (#1-32) on 15 April 2023.
Holders of both tokens can redeem a small-ish print. Listings excluded.

Collectors can upgrade to a signed print or hand-painted edition.

Digital + physical

Only one signed edition (print or painting) will ever exist per Disdain (#1-32).
Upon resale, the physical piece shall be sent to the new owner.
Delivery costs should be covered by the new owner.

Unsigned prints can be ordered by any new owner.
But only the first one will be free.

Want a physical edition of your Disdain?

1. Connect your Tezos wallet

Connect your Tezos wallet to confirm that you own at least one Disdain (#1-32) and a Disdain XXXIII

Unless you’ve moved it to a vault / cold wallet. In that case, contact me first.


✨ Looks like you own multiple Disdain tokens on fx(hash)! ✨
Please select which one you’d like to print:

2. Choose the physical edition of Disdain:

Printed with high quality fade-resistant, archival, pigment-based inks
on giclée Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm paper by a fine-art print studio in London, UK.

Except for the paintings. For those I use either
Bockingford watercolour or Fabriano Black Black, both 300gsm.

White gloves service and all that.

* Free print already redeemed.

** Signed print/painting already ordered.

Shipping included but not VAT or customs fees.

3. Where do you want it delivered?

Enter your details below to receive a beautiful art piece.
Then checkout to pay with your Tezos wallet.

Please allow 2-8 weeks for delivery.

All personal identifiable information will be automatically deleted
within 30 days of order fulfilment.

Fill all required (*) delivery details to checkout.

Disdain XXXIII tokens might be available to buy on objkt.com.

More rewards for holders? Very likely. But, no promises.