Agencies & Recruiters

Recruiting is always hard work.
Unless you can easily check references.

What others say

  • Thank you for making us look good! The app has had excellent feedback from senior stakeholders, and everybody is pleased with it. So many thanks from me for your efforts here! We will be in touch very soon about future opportunities at Razorfish, and hope to see you again soon.

    — Stuart Thorne, Creative Technology Director at Razorfish
  • Thank you so much for all your wonderful work. It is absolutely incredible, and the client was blown away, so thank you for all your efforts on this!
    I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future as you always deliver!

    — Jennifer Judd, Managing Director at Animade
  • João is a true perfectionist, he gets deeply involved in every project he is working on. As a developer not only he is always on top of his game but he also participates with valuable input in the creative decisions. He is a great guy to work with.

    — Carlos Guedes, Creative Director at Isobar
  • It was a real pleasure to work with João. By far one of the best designers I've met. Capable of producing innovative user interfaces, quickly adapting to new situations and always learning new techniques. He also has a great personality and is always ready to help. Hope our paths will cross again.

    — Valter Conceição, IT Manager at Vale do Lobo Resort

What I can work on

Currently, I’m only accepting contract roles for front-end development.

I can create responsive websites and web apps as well as hybrid mobile apps.

My preferred technology stack is HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript for modern (desktop and mobile) browsers.

I regularly use Angular or React, SASS, Bootstrap or Foundation, NPM, Gulp or Grunt, Bower, Karma, Jasmine, Node, PHP, Python and Cordova / PhoneGap.

Lengthwise, I prefer contracts from a minimum of 3 weeks up to a maximum of 12 months.

Less than 3 weeks usually means patching someone else’s work on a tight deadline, which is not the best use of my time nor your money. More than 12 months is a red flag for too much internal bureaucracy or becoming part of the furniture, which is not optimal for neither parties.

As a guide, my daily rate ranges between £400 and £650 (+VAT), depending on the complexity of the project and my availability.

“Who’s this guy?”

Hi! I’m João Pescada, a senior creative / front-end / UI / UX developer or technologist based in London, UK.

No, I'm not a ninja. And yes, just like seasons, these titles keep changing, but I always carry on delivering great digital products.

I have over a decade of experience building digital products for more amazing clients than I can count.

If you’re curious, I’ve worked with these guys:
Animade, Capco, Isobar, Razorfish, Sapient, VCCP
Both my curriculum (PDF) and biography are online.

Next steps

You’re still with me? Great!

Assuming you are interested in contracting me, please introduce yourself using the form below and we’ll get started right away.

Once you submit this form, you’ll receive a welcome packet automatically. This is a quick read, but outlines my process and answers some questions that you might still be wondering about. Then we’ll move on to your idea.