Art by João Pescada

Selected Artworks

Sometimes a human plays with an algorithm,
finds the unexpected and art is created.

Generative Art

The artworks below were all created using algorithms.
Some are digital only and made with code, others were handmade also following a system of rules. Some can be plotted, all can be printed. Some sold out.

All published as digital art on the Tezos blockchain.

Collectors of my tokens can upgrade to a signed limited edition fine art print.
Some of the artworks below are available as Open Edition prints.

“How do I buy your art then?”

To buy digital artworks on the Tezos blockchain, you’ll need a credit/debit card AND a digital wallet compatible with the Tezos network, where you’ll receive the artwork. You can also buy with “tez” (internet money), but let’s keep this simple.

There are many Tezos wallets available. Get one, and then you can buy the artwork. Some excellent and secure options are Temple, Kukai or Autonomy (many options exist). To pay with a credit/debit card, click “sync” on the website to use your Tezos wallet or paste your Tezos wallet address when requested during checkout.

“Why not just sell prints?”

Only some people want a print. Many young collectors prefer to own digital files and –maybe– print them later. Or use it as a background on their phones and laptops. Or resell later.

Digital art will live on the blockchain “forever”. The blockchain provides a way to prove ownership and authenticity of the artwork. If the print is lost, the owner of the digital token can get another. It also allows the artist to receive royalties on future sales.

Not all digital art is static. Some are interactive, animated, have sound or change over time. Some are even created by the collector. Digital art is still a new medium, and it’s exciting to see how it evolves.


As you behold these pieces, “my kid could’ve done that” whispers. Childlike scribbles cavort; poised composition emerges. Sip the thoughtful hues. Here, innocence waltzes with artistry in a tender embrace.

A series of 32 unique digital artworks. Sold out in 12min.
Released 3 February 2023 on fx(hash).

Available as signed 1/1 prints or hand-finished pen-plots,
only for collectors of the digital artwork.

Disdain #1
Disdain #4
Disdain #8
Disdain #10
Disdain #13
Disdain #14
Disdain #19
Disdain #22
Disdain #25


Experience fluid motion and vibrant colour gradients in a dreamscape. Undulating lines dance across the canvas, creating a union of chic allure and abstract expression.

A series of 50 unique digital artworks.
Released 29 March 2023 on Objkt.

Available as signed 1/1 prints, only for collectors of the digital artwork.

Flowscapes #2
Flowscapes #5
Flowscapes #11
Flowscapes #15
Flowscapes #18
Flowscapes #38
Flowscapes #42
Flowscapes #45
Flowscapes #49

& Done

An ongoing series of algorithmic studies and sketches. Some are misterious, some are playful. All created to further develop my artistic pratice.

Variable number of editions. Check below artwork.

Available as signed prints (or pen-plots), only for collectors of the digital artwork.
View all Open Edition prints

Floating Monoliths
10 editions
Snow Dragon
10 editions
The Unexpected Dragon
Unique artwork
Sm00th Ice-cream
10 editions
Sm00th Nudge
10 editions
Sm00th Silk
10 editions
Sm00th Noir I
10 editions
Sm00th Noir II
10 editions
Sm00th Noir III
10 editions

& Made

An ongoing series of handmade drawings done on paper then turned into pixels. Created to be used as digital collectibles.

Released as 128 digital editions each.


Disdain XXXIII

The collector’s edition of the Disdain generative token published on fx(hash).
Gifted to the collectors of my genesis series a couple of months later.
Unlocks free prints and reserved access to future drops.

A utility token of 99 editions.
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Disdain XXXIII