Happiness, pride & side projects
I don’t think there’s a real formula to get things done, but there are some guidelines that can, at least, improve your chances of success.
5 min read
Get your own audience
Your website is under your terms, but the satellites are only under your influence. You can direct them, but never fully control them.
4 min read
How to read books
I know enough people that haven’t read a book in a while, just because they “have” to finish this other book first.
5 min read
Why you shouldn’t be a Javascript Developer
It’s the knowledge gathered from past experiences that will put you at ease, even when you venture into foreign territory.
4 min read
Making time, out of tomatos
This system enables a lot more then just improving productivity, it increases awareness of decisions and determination to reach objectives, building motivation that will fuel more productivity.
3 min read