Happiness, pride & side projects
I don’t think there’s a real formula to get things done, but there are some guidelines that can, at least, improve your chances of success.
Get your own audience
Your website is under your terms, but the satellites are only under your influence. You can direct them, but never fully control them.
How to read books
I know enough people that haven’t read a book in a while, just because they “have” to finish this other book first.
Why you shouldn’t be a Javascript Developer
It’s the knowledge gathered from past experiences that will put you at ease, even when you venture into foreign territory.
How to create an iPad app with HTML
The main idea you should follow when developing your app is to use HTML5 and CSS3 for visuals and Javascript for logic and interaction with the device hardware.
Breaking the Android UX, one device at a time
The added apps are mostly crapware, and the replaced ones even downgrade the original UX.
Lots of Reasons to be Creative
This conference not only includes talks about design, development, art, filmmaking, animation, etc but has also branched to two other cities, from Brighton to London and New York.
Photo search with PureMVC in AS3
Having recently learned how to use PureMVC, this test seemed like a great way to strengthen my experience with the framework.
Throwing some boxes around
So, today was “The Day” and I finally published the first source code of a “real world” project I’ve worked on this year.
Notes on FlashCamp Portugal
The whole event was well organized, and that a lot of people invested a lot of time putting it all together.
AS3 on PureMVC, round one
One of the biggest conclusions I found with this road I took was that allowing myself to fail, brought an enormous bandwagon of knowledge and rewarding experience.
Era uma vez um Upload
This post is about a portuguese event, therefore it’s written only in portuguese.
Making time, out of tomatos
This system enables a lot more then just improving productivity, it increases awareness of decisions and determination to reach objectives, building motivation that will fuel more productivity.