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When working on consulting projects, I’m more than just a technical partner for your business.

I can offer you a broader skillset and knowledge, learned both by training and experience, that I just don’t offer as a contractor due to my preferred specialisation in front-end development.

Instead of just offering my deep technical skills, I can also help you define, implement and refine business models, visual design, information architecture, user experience, as well as content and marketing strategies.

All these extra thinking hats really come in handy, especially when your business is still at an early stage.

Just for reference, these consulting projects – on average – last around two months from the initial conversation to delivery of the finished solution, costing about in total. Now compare this with hiring a team of five or six professionals specialised in each of the skills I’m offering. You would easily be paying two to three times more.

When your business is just starting, you need more generalists that can cover a lot of ground fast than specialists that can only help on particular areas.

As any of my past clients can confirm, you’ll get a lot more valuable work (and revenue) from my full time dedication to your project, than you pay for.

What kind of projects?

Responsive Websites and Web Apps
I can help you write and prepare the content (text, images, video, etc) and then I can handle everything else or help your team design, build, publish and promote a new website from scratch or just improve your existing one.
Mobile Apps for Android and iOS
Same as above with websites, I can help you get the content ready while I handle everything else about your mobile app, or I can just help your team bring the project to life.

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