Product Discovery

Starting a new product can be a daunting task.
But not when you already have the path
to the solution all mapped out.

The blank canvas

One of the biggest challenges an artist faces is a blank canvas. So many ideas and not knowing where to start or which mistakes to avoid. Sounds familiar?

You had this crazy idea, that actually wasn’t so crazy after all, once you started looking at it straight. It could be a really good idea for a business. You know people who would be interested and even pay good money for it. Now how do you go about to make it happen?

You start searching online for options. You find some options, but you’re not sure if any is a good solution. Should you build a website or a mobile app? Should you spend money on advertising? Should you build a mailing list beforehand? Should you hire an agency or freelancer? Should you just start blogging instead? And what if you pick the wrong option?

Whenever you want to start something new, you risk getting trapped in this paralysis. It is frustrating and frightening. It even causes you to doubt yourself and start questioning if that great idea is really worth pursuing.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

The masterpiece

Now imagine you brought your idea to life. It’s been a year since you launched it. It started slow, but you’re getting new paying customers every week. Your customers are happy and recommend your product to their friends and colleagues. So it’s getting quite a nice buzz around it.

And since it is also generating a sizeable revenue every month, you’re already thinking of the next step to grow it even further.

Are you still afraid or unsure of taking that next step? Not at all!

This time, you already have a roadmap for your product. So now it’s much easier for you to figure out which direction to take next. Which path to choose to avoid major roadblocks.

And continue driving your product to success as quickly and safely as possible.

How I will help you

Put simply, I will help you nail down that roadmap. That’s it. I’ll put my expertise at work to help you find the best path to the solution and which problems to avoid before they show up.

We will sit down, either in-person or over the phone (or Skype), and go through your idea or product. By the end of the day, you will already have a solid plan for starting, maintaining and growing your idea into a successful business.

After this meeting, I’ll clean up my notes and prepare a detailed report that I’ll deliver to you within 48 hours. This report alone provides you with an extensive actionable advice that will guide you through at least the first six months of developing your idea.

Being more specific, in the report you will get:
– detailed requirements of your idea;
– associated risks and ways to minimise your exposure to them;
– best and alternative paths to the solution, outlining pros and cons of each;
– a suggested timeline to roll out your idea;
– an estimate of possible costs;
– plus a ton of advice specific to your needs.

With my help, you will understand exactly what you are getting into, when and how to start it.

My guarantees

Your idea is safe with me. I know how valuable a great idea can be and will not reveal it to anyone so, to give you peace of mind, I’ll hand over a signed confidentiality agreement before we begin any detailed conversation.

No exclusivity. The report you get by the end of the session is yours to use as you please. The solutions contained can be used by whoever you like. Not just me. No strings attached.

No risks. I’m so confident you will get a ton of value that I’m prepared to offer you a full refund, if you are unhappy with the value provided by the report in the first 30 days after delivery. I truly want you to be happy and fully satisfied with your investment.

“Who’s this guy?”

Boot up your idea today

Ready to get started? All you need to do now is to take this first step.

Each Product Discovery session currently goes for , payable upfront.

Start booking your session now
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Still have questions? Please drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time. Hope you have a nice day. :)