Referral Scheme

A simple thank you is good, but…

A nicer thank you

Even though I don’t have the actual numbers to prove it, I would say that at least 80% of the work I’ve done as a freelancer came from referrals. Referrals from friends, from happy clients and from people who never met me, but know my work. I’m really grateful for this.

So as a way to show my appreciation for these gestures, I’m offering a referral scheme: if you recommend me to someone with whom I end up doing business, I’ll give you an Amazon Gift voucher worth 10% of the profits.

So, if you refer someone and I build them a website, usually updawards of , you’ll get at least ). Simples!

It’s not a fortune, but I think it’s a nicer way to thank you for your kindness.

How does it work?

As I mentioned above, this is just an extra way for me to say thank you for helping me. And with this in mind, I hope you don’t see it as “easy money”. The same way I send extra work to fellow freelancers (and agencies), I appreciate when others send work to me.

The rules are short, simple and hopefully clear:
  1. I’ll pay only to the person who recommended me;
  2. For ease of reference, the referral should come via email from a person with whom I’ll be doing business. Just ask for your name to be mentioned when they contact me;
  3. I will only pay for referrals that lead to paid work;
  4. Similarly, I will send your payment only after each invoice is paid;
  5. And lastly, this offer is not available for recruiters. Sorry.

In short: you send them my way, they mention your name, I do my work, I get paid and you get your payment.

Sounds like a sweet deal?
Cool! Then please send them my way! :)

If you have any questions about this, just email me first.

Thank you.