Apprentice - A web app - B2B, Angular, TypeScript, Nx, Sass, Material UI, NodeJS - Selected Works & Case Studies by João Pescada

Selected Works & Case Studies

One platform to turn molecules into medicine.


A web app.
October 2022

In early 2021, joined the tech team at Apprentice to help rebuild the whole platform into a more robust and user-friendly product.

For well over a year, I worked on many specialised areas within the product. Learnt a lot in the process about the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. And became a more competent developer.

By the end of my stint (as part of a well-coordinated team effort), the platform was faster, more reliable and helpful, while maintaining a coherent user experience throughout.

This improved and validated platform is now being used to develop and produce modern genome therapies and vaccines that will save the lives of humans all over the world.


The frontend of this web app was built in Angular on TypeScript using the Nx framework and styled with Sass with a custom Material UI. A NodeJS backend supports the frontend via a REST API.


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