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Selected Works & Case Studies

A new way to measure children health states.


An iPad app.
February 2014

In early 2014 I collaborated again with the always-amazing team at Animade to create an iPad app for an innovative research project called ChildsPLA.

This interactive app features an animated character in various health states and aims to explore a new method of measuring children’s view about their health and gathering key data.

The first iteration was built in a month and tested in the following months with children within different age groups. Not only it was very well received by everyone involved but also allowed the researchers to collect a lot of data.

With these gathered learnings, we then went on to build a second iteration of the app to simplify the experience, focus more on the animated section and allow to validate further the underlying hypotheses of the research. This second version is now being tested, and we eagerly await for (hopefully!) more positive feedback.

For more information on the project please check:


Thank you so much for all your wonderful work. It is absolutely incredible, and the client was blown away, so thank you for all your efforts on this! I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future as you always deliver!

— Jennifer Judd, Business Manager at Animade


The app was created in HTML5 using the Sass flavour of Zurb Foundation framework, then stitched together with AngularJS and finally compiled as a hybrid iPad app using Phonegap. It stores the data from each session using LocalStorage and Web SQL. The data can then be exported and emailed as a CSV spreadsheet by the researchers.


Character animation by Matt Abbiss
UX and UI design by Animade
Client: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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