Selected Works & Case Studies

The most tech advanced stand ever.

Hiscox BIBA

An interactive installation.
Done in April 2011.

One of the first projects I worked on after joining VCCP was this interactive piece for Hiscox stand at BIBA 2011. It aimed to entice conference delegates with the most technological and engaging stand of the conference.

This project was an interactive presentation of the brand’s solutions and responses to the risks triggered by the use of modern internet’s products and services.

To browse the presentation contents, the user had to interact with it by standing in front but away from the screen and using a series of nowadays familiar gestures like tap, swipe, and drag.

Having this kind of engagement at the stand lead the delegates to feel more interested in the brand’s products that in turn created more conversations that generated more leads.

For us, it was an intense month of development, testing and tweaking. But in the end, as a result, the client registered a significant increase in the number of attendees, new business leads and average dwell time comparing to previous years of attending the event.


The technology stack for this project involved an XBox Kinect, to register the user’s gestures, connected to an Adobe Air app built in Actionscript 3 and a lot of open source libraries to help us interpret all the data collected by the powerful laser camera.


UI design by Steven Yip
Development by Tobin Lamb and me
Account management by VCCP
Client: Hiscox

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