ManageMoney - An iPad app prototype - AngularJS, React, Sass, PhoneGap, LivePerson API - Selected Works & Case Studies by João Pescada

Selected Works & Case Studies

Know your spending and achieve your goals.


An iPad app prototype.
May 2015

Between 2014 and 2015, I worked closely with the international consultancy Capco to help them bring to life a fully functional mobile app for Natwest. Being part of a testing bed for new products, this app was designed to help Natwest customers get a better understanding of their personal finances.

By using everyday language and merging user-friendly interfaces with customer data enhanced by machine learning, the app helped users on three key areas: tracking their spending habits, budgeting on a monthly basis and setting goals for their savings.

To keep us focused on developing a great product based on real feedback, we invited a select group of real customers that tested all the functionalities, integrated with real data from their bank accounts.


The mobile app was built in HTML5, Sass and AngularJS and integrated with REST backend and third-party APIs (like LivePerson) and protected end-to-end with bank-grade security. To allow distribution via app stores the web app was also compiled as a hybrid app using Phonegap. As a side note, I must mention that the frontend was built by a group of four developers, myself included. This was the main app built while on this role, but I also helped building other smaller apps and utilities in React and Sass while building the main app.


Design and development: Capco, Thought Machine and me
Client: Natwest Bank

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