Things are changing - A Flash website for an integrated advertising campaign - HTML5, Actionscript - Selected Works & Case Studies by João Pescada

Selected Works & Case Studies

A world-first for voice controlled navigation.

Things are changing

A Flash website for an integrated advertising campaign.
May 2013

As part of a campaign for O2, VCCP was asked to create a website to promote the new products and services on offer by the brand.

With this is mind, we decided to create a technologically advanced website where the user could have the option to navigate through it using just voice. A virtual assistant guided the user, explaining the content and making questions as a queue for user's vocal answers.

Besides the innovative navigation, it also featured high-quality CGI animations done by the talented team at Munky.

It was deemed the world’s first voice-controlled website, winning an FWA Website of The Day award and gathering a lot of media attention along the way.


This project lived in a time where Flash was still the king of interactivity for the web, so it was built in a custom Actionscript 3 MVC framework, with most assets loaded from CDN resources, and used Microsoft Speech Recognition API to translate the preprocessed microphone audio into an array of possible matches that we used to guess the user’s request.


CGI Animations by Munky
Account management, UX and UI design by VCCP
Client: Telefónica O2

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