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Is my website any good?

23rd August, 2020

Well… since you’re asking… maybe? If you’ve done it, be proud of it. Surely, it can be better, but so do many other websites even when done by a team of experienced professionals. There’s a never-ending stream of opportunities for improvement and optimisation on any website.

To evaluate how well a website is working start by looking for it on Google (just type: If you have any analytics tracking check to find how visitors use it. What’s the main objective for your website? Selling things? Getting leads? If 10% of the visitors do one of those actions, I would say it’s working pretty well already. Otherwise, something somewhere along the conversion funnel might be leaking too much, as in, people are might be getting distracted or just not interested enough.

If you need help to figure it out, get a Website Review or just get in touch.