Website Review

Your website is not working hard enough.
And you’re sure it can do better.
You just don’t know how.

A lazy website

So you launched a website for your business not too long ago. It’s looking great and attracting a good number of visitors. But very few (if any!) of those visitors actually interact deeply with it, let alone becoming your customers.

Or maybe you’re in a better position already, converting some of those visitors into customers, just not as much as you expected when you first launched the website. Something must be throwing them off. Distracting them. Or just not convincing them enough to take that last step.

The expected lift

More leads, more signups, more click-throughs, more revenue, less time wasted and less risk exposure for your business. These are commonly expected outcomes of starting and growing an online business. Unfortunately, not all business owners experience them.

With highly focused advice, your online business will start finally delivering on these promises.

My long experience will come in handy when reviewing your website to find the issues and suggest improvements that will make a huge difference in your business goals.

How I will help you

I will research and review your website wearing multiple thinking hats before preparing your report.

Initially, I’ll look at it from a usability and user experience perspective, finding visual and technical issues that could be blocking users from fulfilling their needs in the best way possible.

Then I’ll focus on the website’s content itself, looking for ways to improve it and facilitate the conversions from visitors to customers.

Lastly, I’ll analyse the website simulating search engines and social networks to make sure your website is being correctly indexed and presented when relevant terms are searched online or when someone shares it online.

Once all the information it gathered, I’ll write down a detailed and actionable plan in a report outlining the issues found and my suggested solutions sorted by priority.

My guarantees

No exclusivity. The report is yours to use as you please. The solutions contained can be used by whoever you like. Not just me. No strings attached.

No risks. I’m so confident you will get a ton of value that I’ll offer you a full refund if you are unhappy with the value provided by the report in the first 30 days after delivery. I truly want you to be happy and fully satisfied with your investment.

“Who’s this guy?”

João Pescada
Hi! I’m João Pescada, an independent technologist and consultant based in London, UK.

I have over a decade of experience building digital products for more amazing clients than I can count.

If you’re in for a bit of light reading, both my curriculum (PDF) and biography are available online.

Get expert advice

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Each Website Review currently goes for £1,490, payable upfront.

Once payment is received, I’ll start the review and you’ll have the report delivered in two weeks to your email.

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Thank you for your time. Hope you have a nice day. :)