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A new article only when it’s worthy

I’m not a professional writer, but I like writing.
Maybe even more than I like reading (I'll have to test this theory later).

But in the same way I don’t like talking just for the sake of it, I also don’t like writing without having a relevant message.

Everyone can give some sort of advice. But only when the adviser has relevant experience, the advice actually becomes of value. Well, this assuming the receiver also feels he needs the advice.

That’s also why I limit my writings to only up to two new articles per month, likely just one. This way I can focus on particular subjects, deliver good pieces and maybe help someone get better at something.

The other reason is that this is still new to me.
So I rather keep a slow and steady pace. And let this good habit sink in, instead of forcing it and throwing it out the window.


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“Who’s this guy?”

Hi! I’m João Pescada, an independent technologist and consultant based in London, UK.

I have over a decade of experience building digital products for more amazing clients than I can count.

If you’re in for a bit of light reading, both my curriculum (PDF) and biography are available online.